Strategic Plan: Rotary Club of Lawrenceville

July 1, 2013

The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville

District 6910

Lawrenceville, GA


    • MissionVisionValues Objectives
    • Environmental Assessment 
    • 2013-2016 Goals
    • Future State
    • Annual Review of Priorities
    • Strategic Plan

Rotary Club of Lawrenceville Vision Statement:

It is the Vision of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville to be recognized as the premier service organization within the community, foster friendships and professional relationships, and support the ideals of Rotary International.

Rotary International Vision Statement: enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of healthsupport of education, and alleviation of poverty.

Rotary Club of Lawrenceville Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville is to provide service to others and promote high ethical standards, understanding, and goodwill through its fellowship of businessprofessional and community leaders.

Rotary International Mission Statement:

The Mission of Rotary Internationala worldwide association of Rotary Clubsis to provide service to othersto promote high ethical standards, and to advance world understandinggoodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

The values of Rotary are embodied in the four way test.

In everything we think, do, or say; it the truth? it fair to all concerned?

THIRD...will it build goodwill and better friendships?

FOURTH...will it be beneficial to all concerned?


  • To increase the visibility of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville with in the Lawrenceville area
  • To increase membership
  • To provide opportunities for members to serve the community
  • Emphasize importance of Rotary Foundation as a basis for giving
  • To maintain good financial health as a Club
  • To utilize technology in order to communicate with Club members and the community at large and to educate members about their Club and Rotary International
  • Maintain service project annually
  • To provide support to local community service organizations/initiatives through participating in projectsfundraisers and sweat equity opportunities.

The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville, chartered in 1992, currently has a membership of 33 active members. Lawrenceville Rotary meets each Monday at noon for lunch at the Garden Plaza in Lawrenceville, GA.

The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville is stable financially, ending the most recent year with a small positive bottom line. Additionally, a savings account of approximately $22,000 is maintained as a cushion in the event of any unforeseen event.

The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville, as so many other clubs during this economic downtime, has experienced the loss of members due to either relocation or business collapse. The Rotary Club has been able, however, to retain the majority of its members and, in fact, has been able to grow members over the last year. A focus has been put on the social aspect as well as the business aspect of Rotary in order to attract and retain desirable members.

This current year, a push on marketing and public awareness is being undertaken. Use of the website is one of the vehicles being used that has not previously been used to the degree it is. Videos from meetings are being posted so that members not able to attend can still get the benefit of some of the excellent speakers currently being brought in.

2012-2015 Goals of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville:

1. Reach and then maintain a membership of 45.

  • Educate the Club as to the need to grow and maintain a membership of 45 in order to ensure financial viability and ability to perform service projects without overtaxing existing members
  • Involve all of membership in obtaining the membership goal. Stress to members that proposing new members is a responsibility of membership
  • Evaluate classification list and target specific vocations, i.e. physicians, etc.
  • The mechanics of proposing a new member will be reviewed with the Club.
  • Club talking points will be distributed to membership from time to time to help members with theelevator talk
  • Increase active participation by Club members
  • Contribution of Club members are recognized and valued

2. Increase the visibility of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville 

  • LocalDistrict
  • PR
  • Web

3. RotaryFoundation

  • Annual contribution @ $100/member

4. The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville will maintain financial viability as an organization.

  • Maintain at least 1 fundraiser annually
  • Develop criteria to be used by committees to evaluate proposals/projects 
  • Charities/individuals for potential funding( BOD)

5. Expand and efforts to enrich the lives of families of the Club members (family of Rotary)

6. Rotary Club of Lawrenceville will maintain community projects annually

  • Projects will be determined by incoming president and BOD

7. Rotary Club of Lawrenceville will maintain strong emphasis in you the services

  • Maintain a shared sponsorship of a GRSP student annually
  • Promote annual members contribution to GRSP(goal$100 per member)
  • Maintain sponsorship of Interact Club
  • Rotaract club with Georgia Gwinnett College

Future State

In order to survive as a Club, Rotary Club of Lawrenceville needs to ensure that planned activities are relevant to:

The community served

  • Visibility in the community
  • Fundraising
  • Local and district projects
  • Charities supported

Efficient Operation

  • Good governance
  • An involved, responsive Board
  • Involvement of all members in significant decisions
  • Successive planning
  • Transparency of decision making

Annual Review Of Priorities:

Each year the strategic planning will be reviewed by the incoming Board to determine priorities for the upcoming year that are consistent with the strategic goals objectives and activities identified in this plan. This strategic plan is living fluid document to be reviewed annually by the Board.The incoming president will:

  • be completely familiar with the contents of this plan
  • identify are as where there is need to fine tune or update
  • bring these to the Board and ultimate Club membership for adoption.