District Conference

RCL After conference attendee reports from Rotary Club of Lawrenceville
District 6910 Conference

Why did eight members of our Rotary Club of Lawrenceville go to District conference? It required missing work for a day or two, driving five hours across Georgia to Hilton Head and then back home, paying convention registration fees and hotel expenses, and giving up a spring week-end at home. Why?

Because the benefits and pleasures outweighed these factors. The primary benefit for me, a relatively new District 6910 member, was the opportunity to meet people and to get to know my Lawrenceville colleagues better in the beautiful setting of Hilton Head Island. The Lawrenceville contingent and their spouses went out of their way to include me in lunch plans and to introduce me to Rotarians they knew from other clubs. In short, it was a very social week-end, with three parties each night in the Hospitality Rooms and chances to try local restaurants on the Island in good company.
The social aspect was fun but the informational sessions were truly inspirational. From the energetic GRSP student presentations to the talks by Grant Wilkins, the International President’s representative, I came away feeling pride in being a part of an organization which truly has an impact for good in the world. The GRSP students and Group Study Exchange teams attested to increased understanding and appreciation for cultural differences; the many fine projects sponsored by the Foundation have resulted in improving countless lives in undeveloped countries. Local clubs described successful projects which have made a difference in Georgia communities. I got a better understanding of Rotary structure and how the different committees work. Going to District taught me about Rotary, about Georgia, and about the world.

Dr. Jill T. Jones

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