Gwinnett County Public Health, 10/22/12

On Monday, October 22nd, the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville welcomed food safety specialists Joseph Sternberg and Alana Sulka.  After being introduced by Health Director, Dr. Lloyd Hoger, Sternberg and Sulka presented power point slides which provided information about the sources of foodborne pathogens and outlined the measures taken by the USDA and FDA to prevent contamination of food sources.  They provided particular examples from Gwinnett County to clarify the nature of food-related health problems and the steps taken by their agency in areas of education, surveillance and regulation.  They shared some photos of some gross offenders and described the standards met to keep a food service business open.  Sternberg assured the group that most places scored well but gave a contact number for reports of any food establishment complaints:  770-339-4BUG.