Volunteer Gwinnett

Rotarians at the noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville on January 21 met the Coordinator for Volunteer Programs in Gwinnett County, Kay Sibetta. She spoke to the group about her commitment to centralize volunteer opportunities and initiatives throughout the county. Her position grew out of the Engage Gwinnett program recommendations. Her office aims to involve more residents in volunteer activities to support the functions of the County’s 24 departments . She is tremendously encouraged by the rapid manner in which the department has reached its goals of service hours: the goal was to reach one million service hours by 2016 and already in 2012 a total of 991,000 hours have been reached. Volunteer opportunities vary from one day commitments to on-going more long range services and internships. Volunteers are encouraged to register online and report their hours so that a record can be compiled and maintained. Information is available at www.volunteergwinnett.net or at volunteergwinnett@gwinnettcounty.com.

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