Conference Comments and Story by Robert Cowan

At the noon meeting of the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville on April 29, club members reported on their experiences at the District Conference in Chattanooga last week-end. Nancy McGill, Freya Myers, Beatty McCaleb, Al Hombroek, and Art Kleve described the activities that most impressed them, and all strongly encouraged members to plan to go the meeting next year on Jekyll Island.

All asserted that the experience made them proud to be connected with a group which has such influence in the world; several cited the success of the polio irradication program as a major accomplishment of Rotary International. Al testified that one is just a member until one goes to a District meeting; then one becomes a true Rotarian. The knowledge gained about the district and international activities makes this conference a valuable experience.

The Rotarian in charge of the day’s program, Bob Cowan, proposed to have members tell stories of events that in retrospect were significant moments in their lives. He told of a couple of personal experiences as examples. One story involved a fishing trip with his father and brother when, as a 14-year-old, he had to learn to drive to get his father to a hospital after an accident with a fish fly hook. Plans were made to have other members continue the story telling in the future.


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