Kimberly Alexander: “MedShare”

Kimberly Alexander, the program director and fundraiser for MedShare, presented information about her group to the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville on Monday, December 2. MedShare is responsible for collecting medical supplies in barrels placed in hospitals around the country. These supplies are then sent to hospitals and clinics around the world which need sutures, IV tubing, syringes, and equipment. U.S. health regulations require that many un-used items be trashed by hospitals. MedShare collects these useable supplies and gets them to needy nations. One distribution center is here in the Atlanta area. When items are collected, they are then sorted through two stages and prepared for shipment in 40-foot containers to 95 countries. Sometimes used but good equipment is also sent to hospitals, along with the necessary technological assistance to make it work. She praised the 15,000 volunteers which annually help out with MedShare and described the funding process. A container costs $18,000 plus shipping expenses. The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville is working on supplying such aid to Paraguay in the future. More information is available on the webpage

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